Yes, a child can have an NHS therapist and an independent therapist at the same time. It is important that the two therapists are able to liaise closely with each other to support you and your child.  Chester Speech Therapy aims to offer complimentary input in the best interest of the client.  NHS Trusts usually have large caseloads and therefore large waiting lists. Private Therapists can often see a child more quickly and for as long as the service is needed / wanted.

Some people choose to see an independent therapist:

  • Whilst waiting for an NHS appointment
  • In addition an NHS therapist
  • Instead of NHS an NHS therapist

Following the initial assessment Chester Speech Therapy will provide a summary report and recommendations.  If therapy is required options will be discussed with parents.  Therapy sessions can be offered weekly, fortnightly or monthly to meet the needs of the child and your availability.  Following assessment there is no obligation to commit to therapy sessions.  You may cease therapy sessions at any time.

All children make speech errors as they are learning how to talk. Most children tend to make the same types of errors and correct them at about the same ages. However some children don’t seem to be able to correct their errors and some make speech errors that don’t follow a normal pattern of speech development.

Chester Speech Therapy can assess your child’s speech sound system and inform you if their speech errors are normal for their age or if they would benefit from therapy sessions.

If a child doesn’t seem to follow what you say or ask him to do, it could be due to a difficulty with hearing, attention or understanding.  The only way to know which difficulty, or combination of difficulties, a child may have is to speak to your G.P about having your child’s hearing checked.  Chester Speech Therapy can assess your child’s attention and understanding of language through observation and assessment.

Young children will often stop, pause and start again on some words when they are learning to talk. Some children will grow out of this but others will not. It can depend on so many things including the severity of the stutter.  Chester Speech Therapy can carry out a full assessment and discuss the next steps with you.

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